Kilican Isle


Rogue Tunnels

Aldwythe's Landing



Remnants of Kimald Hunter's Guide

Welcome to the RoK Hunters Guide. Use the links on the left hand menu to jump to a particular area of Valorn or navigate through the maps following the links on each map. For more information Click Here.

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Dundee - Starting area for new adventurers and gateway to the Southern Shore and Dark Forest.

Milltown - A small agricultural town sits on the edge of the Endless Desert or leads back into the Forest.

Branishor - Cory's great walled city sits on the edge of the Black Wastelands a center for trade.

Caernivale - Perched above the ocean and a busy port Caernivale lies at the end of the Western Mountains.

Fartown - A town of grass at the edge of civilization but boasts an amazing tourist attraction.

Kilican Isle - Home to pirates, rich hunting grounds and an unstable Volcano.

Ethucan - Recently open to citizens of Valorn the city of Iscax contains many wonders and new goods.

Rogue Tunnels - Only available to those shadowy figures these tunnels connect the world.

Aldwythe's Landing - A dark and dangerous place despite housing the God Cory's throne.

N'Rolav - The dangerous shadow realm, its hidden entrances scatter Valorn.


These maps were made by Korba. © 2006