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The Remnants of Kimald Hunter's Guide is an online map vault for the free text-based multiplayer online role playing game The Dark Grimoire. All the mapping was done by Korba with help from the members of the oldest guild in the land The Remnants of Kimald in particular Maji for her graphics skill . If you have any problems with the maps or have any suggestions please visit the Forum and post any suggestions.


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A bit of History

I joined Dark Grimoire back in May 2005. Back at that time there was the Map Vault and Gleebocks Maps. While both where very clear there was no way of linking to each page on the Map Vault pages and neither sets could be clicked through. So back in July 2005 I started out making some maps to my own design.

However my system was very complicated and took me a long time to do a few areas, it was never released to the ‘public’. About the same time Morris released his excellent maps (Morris’s Maps) which could be clicked through but still it wasn't possible to link to each map.

RoK had its own maps for areas that at the time where not listed elsewhere but after a new surge of discovery (ie new areas) maps for the new areas where needed. So in March 2006 in order to help guild members I came up with a system of making maps very similar as they look now but not quite as neat. The first maps where the Rainforest, Granite Crags and the Mine Camp.

After doing these maps I got the taste for it and began to fill in the areas between them. The RoK Hunters Guide opened first to RoK members in April 2006 and to the public in May 2006.

N’Rolav was the last large area to be added in August 2006 and since then small areas have continued to be added as they have been discovered.